LunarTruth - Conspiracy, Hoax, Apollo 18, Aliens

"Believe half of what you hear and none of what you see." - Benjamin Franklin

Much evidence exists that proves without a reasonable doubt that Americans were on the Moon. The Apollo missions are to this day humankinds most significant achievement in science and exploration. The facts are as presented, but it can't be assumed that all information about the Apollo missions has been released... LunarTruth will let you decide what is fact and what is fiction. Aliens? Really?

Whether or not there was an Apollo 18 mission is debatable but is highly unlikely. The hoax that is Apollo 18 has likely been formulated from conspiracy theory and mistrust. However, it is highly likely that some or all of the Apollo missions had an ulterior motive - perhaps one more sinister or controversial than aliens and communisits. Conspiracy theorists unite!